Fighting Dirty is a good thing!



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The Short Version of all the text below...Use "Dirty Tricks" to survive. In spite of the social directives to "be nice" "don't bite" "don't scratch" "don't pull hair" there are times for those rules to go out the window. 

When someone wants to maim, kill or rape you anything you need to do is "OK".


Dirty Tricks or Fighting Fair

Most of us were raised in an environment where we were taught to play fair and to fight fair.   Those rules make sense when the other person has agreed to follow them.  Some of our conditioning comes from our family’s expectations of having us grow up as decent folks:  "Don't hit your brother" "No biting"  "No hitting below the belt".

A lot of our conditioning comes from sport-oriented contests where the individuals involved have consented to a simulation of combat with rules, referees, timeouts, etc. The  rules exist to make sure the competitors do not become seriously injured.

In an attack we want to survive and escape, you should do whatever it takes to get away.  Don't make nice to a thug.

One way to slow him down!

Whipped Cream is not recommended as a distraction


Fight Dirty  to Survive


Distractions (see photo):

·       Spitting (See Photo)

·       Throwing Sand, etc

·       Spraying them with Coke or Beer

·       Tossing a Baseball Cap at Them

·       Throw Loose Coins in their face

·       Throw your pager to them to catch


You get the idea!


Get a good mouthful and bite hard

Bite the closest flesh to your mouth  

Fight Dirty to Survive

·      Biting

Can be very effective in defending ourselves if we overcome social conditioning to be nice and “not bite”


Bite on whatever you can get hold of nose, ear, cheek, neck, throat or any flesh near your teeth.

…as nasty as it sounds just bite, chew and spit.





 An ambush or a violent confrontation doesn’t fit the nice behavior or sports contest models.  In the nice behavior model we teach our children how to play with others so we make sure they don’t spit, bite, scratch and claw at other kids.  The purpose is to get along with others and be civil towards them  

In the sports model even though the event may be very aggressive there are always rules to make sure the injuries to the players stay at acceptable levels.  Certainly even in the toughest man contests the purpose is to win, and have the judges decide you get the prize.  The goal is not to maim, to rape or to kill the other contestant.

Generalize to tearing any loose skin

Dirty Tricks

·        Tearing

·        Tearing a Cheek

Turn ear as if unscrewing it and pull

Dirty Tricks

·        Tearing or ripping on an ear, nostrils, inside of mouth, etc.



Also sets up head control

Dirty Tricks

·       Tearing an Ear



 Neither of these models will meet your objective which is to escape as fast as you can when you are under attack by a dangerous person especially if he is much larger or there are two or more of them.

You aren’t trying out for the team, you aren’t winning a medal or a ribbon, you are just surviving.  

This system system places emphasis on awareness, avoidance, defusing, and leaving because they are the safest ways to get out of trouble.  Those behaviors are almost always legally defensible.

Fingers in eyes change the odds

Dirty Tricks

·       Gouging for Men

Even as she is tackled she is fighting

Dirty Tricks

·       Gouging for Women



Now who’s the boss?

Dirty Tricks

·       Groin Tear

 Once an attack is under way due to either an ambush or the unavoidable intent of your attacker in a confrontation, you need to survive and escape.  Once that is accepted as your legitimate goal, then all the other nice behavior rules and sports contest “fight fair” stuff has to be set aside. 

It is perfectly appropriate to “fight dirty” and use dirty tricks to get away and live.  It is a good idea to claw and bite to avoid a sexual assault.  It is not wrong to hurt someone who means you harm once you have tried reason and seen it won’t work with them.

Works well if he is taller

Head Butts Work

for Men and Women


·        Front

Use front upper part of your skull on the soft tissue of his face. Close mouth tightly, shut eyes as you hit

Throw head back right away



·       Rear


Use rear upper part of your skull on the soft tissue of his face. Close mouth tightly, shut eyes as you hit

Get a good grip on soft flesh

Pinching – Get a good grip with Index, Middle Finger and Thumb


·       On any flesh


·       As  a groin tear


·       On soft flesh like the inside of a thigh



Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

Women's Self Defense Table of Contents

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