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Self Defense includes Awareness, Attitude, and an understanding of the Threats/Risks you face.  You may have options which include defusing the situation (if possible),  just leaving or having to deal with a physical attack using both Verbal Responses and Techniques to stop the attack.  This model helps to give you a logical structure to look at this.

                                            Self Defense Model - Condensed

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How can I tell if trouble is brewing and/or an attack is going to take place?

Using as a basis a model created by Mark "Animal" MacYoung from his website,, we have enclosed his model in a red circle indicating Condition Red which means you are in serious danger.  Mark has devoted years to self defense.  His web site has an wealth of information and insights.  Use it as a reference for any of your questions.

If the three elements that lead to an attack or the commission of a crime are present, it will occur.

Ability:  Can he or his cohorts attack you?  Do they have a physical size advantage over you, do they outnumber you?  Do they have weapons or look like they might?

Opportunity:  Are you alone?  Are you in an isolated area?  If you yell or help, are there people who will hear you?  Can your rescuers get to you quickly?

Intent:  Hard to know for sure. If you are uncomfortable, leave.  When the hair on the back of your neck stands up, listen to your instincts.  Don't try to be logical when the primitive brain is saying. "Run! Run fast!".


You can limit any attacker's opportunity by adhering to common sense safety rules. Stay out of areas where you are alone or can be trapped.  Use ATM's inside stores, not on the sidewalk outside a bank. 

You can reduce his intent by walking confidently, being with friends.  If you are alert and appear confident it reduces your odds being attacked.  If you look less like a victim, you are less likely to be one.

You cannot reduce his ability.  You can however use a heightened sense of awareness to alert you to potential danger.

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents



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