Defenses Against Low Line Kicks

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Since we are strong advocates for low line kicks, at or below the

waist, we thought it might ne a good idea to show defenses for




Kick Defenses The Basics

Kicks are defended against in the same fashion as punches by getting off the line of attack, intercepting/blocking the incoming kick, and counter attacking.

Kick Defenses - The Basics

The footwork and movement for high line kicks (those above the waist are identical to punch defenses with the added caveat that since kicks are more powerful than punches, it is even more important to use movement to avoid the impact of his kick.   Doing a hard block with your arm to an incoming hard kick will be a losing battle, the force is just too strong.

Kick Defenses The Basics

  Allowing a strong kick from a good kicker to get through a block and impact your ribs will lead to cracked or broken ribs.  You should not underestimate the power a trained kicker may generate.

Kick Defenses The Basics

 There are folks who can kick high hard and fast, but proper footwork and angling will avoid their kicks and their punches.  A straight high kick is on the same line of attack as a straight punch and can be avoided on an angle to either side of the kick.  Remember that tactically it makes a lot better sense to go forward than backwards.  

Kick Defenses The Basics

A high round kick is best avoided by turning inside the circle of his kick, using a soft block and counter attacking with EPR and IED.

Kick Defenses The Basics

Low line kicks follow the same logic as high line kicks except that you will learn some new movements to make with your feet to counter or block those kicks since unless you are kneeling down when the kick comes or are very strangely shaped your arms will not reach down to provide a block for kicks like a scoop kick aimed at your ankles, shin, or knees.

 The footwork if you are avoiding a kick at the low line is the same as for any incoming strike, move off on an angle to either side to avoid a straight kick of any kind.  The footwork is the same for a round kick as for avoiding a round house punch, the consequences are just worse

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