Grabs from the Front

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

Here is live action of a woman defending herself

Its a simulation, so in middle she apologizes

(for what, beating the crap out of him?)

Defenses include, head control, strikes to the face, kicks, gyroscopic twisting, judo slam, and a body drop throw. 

You should conclude that many options exist for your defense from this attack .

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

Trap his hand to your body, swing your other arm over his arms, turn shoulders and hips (keep your eyes on him), hit his neck, roll to head control, pull down into rising knee.


Grabbed with his arms outside of yours, wrap arm to back of his head as you strike with v hand to his throat.


Same grab, she turns him by shoulders, steps in behind him and executes a judo slam. 


She cups his head,  and palm heels his face.


Single hand clothing grab, she steps forward on an angle and strikes through his face.


Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

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