Clothing Grabs are a very common assault.

That is why so many animations follow below.

Look for the common elements in each defense and generalize to situations not shown.

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents


Trap his hand, step under his arm, and hit.


Trap his hands, pull him forward, strike his throat.


Turn his arm out pull his arm down into an arm bar, bend him over, kick his face.


He grabs, circle your head under his arm and strike.


He grabs, circle his arm the outside to set up an arm bar, bend him over, kick his face.


Same defense rotated view


Cover his grabbing arms, swing other arm over his as you turn your hips and shoulders, hit!  Remember to keep your head towards him.


Same technique rotated view


Trap his grabbing hand, rotate his arm to arm bar, step or slide in and drive him down.


Simultaneously trap his grabbing hand, slide forward and strike.


Grab his hand with both of yours, turn under his arm, twist hard! and then hit!


Quickly reach over and grab his hand,  turn to your right and apply outside wrist lock.


Simultaneously grab his arm (to anchor him in place) and move forward as you strike.


The techniques below can be used in a standing position (car is optional).


Overall Self Defense Table of Contents


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