"C Leave the Place" = Remember your goal is to escape, not to win a fight and get bragging rights. As soon as an escape presents itself and you are sure he cannot renew his attack or pursue you, leave!

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

A,B,C of Self Defense

A to the Face

B to the Base

C Leave the Place!

Simple Combinations


Eye Jab, Hammer Fist, Palm Heel to Face,


Then add some kicks and leave


Shin Kick, Heel Stomp or Knee to Base

Then use head strikes or get head control


Use Head Control whenever you get it


Make Sure He Cannot Follow you.

Stomp on an ankle or knee after he goes down, and then leave!

You do not want him to renew his attack.

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Survival and Escape 

are the only goals we have!

  We are not:

       Police = Control and Arrest

       Military = Kill or Hurt Badly

       Contestant = Win Fight


Sometimes you can just leave

Other times, you have to be much more aggressive

 If you can, just leave!  Do not try out your skills.

If you cannot leave, then do whatever it takes to survive.

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

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