Attitude for Survival

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

First, whenever at all possible be neutral and try to a calm demeanor while being clear about your boundaries (male or female).

Negotiating Position

·       Palms Up

·       Hands Apart

·       Neutral expression

·       Eyebrows slightly raised 

Use Verbal Responses:

All in a conversational tone

     ·      I don’t want any trouble”

·       “Why don’t I just leave?”

·       “I am sorry, you are right; let me buy you a beer .”

Defuse with calm attitude and words, if at all possible. Just remember you cannot predict his intentions, so stay alert!

Whether you are male or female if it turns ugly


Whether you are 200 pounds or 100 pounds you should become "Fluffy" in a violent confrontation.

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

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