"A to Face" means strike at the most vulnerable high targets on your attacker.  

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

Women's Self Defense Table of Contents

You can and should also go "B to Base.



Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

Women's Self Defense Table of Contents

      Head Control










Head Butts = Different type of strike to the face

Head Butts are a very effective strike whether delivered to the front or the back.
They allow a relatively small defender to
hit an attacker in the face very hard. 

When head butting snap your head
forward or backwards very quickly. 
if your attacker is quite tall you may only catch his lips, but that will still cause damage and get a reaction that gives
you an opening

A head butt can be used even when you are
completely trapped as in a front or rear bear hug,
being picked up, rolling on the ground, etc. 

Smashing your skull into the soft tissue of
an attacker's face will cause damage. 
He will let go of you and you then have an
opportunity to do enough additional damage
to escape.


Deliver strikes and kicks :

In any combination you can execute:  AAA, BBBB, ABA, BAB, BAAA, 

where  A= Face Strikes B = Kicks to Base


You have to have targets for your counter attack. Here are pictures of them:

Front Targets        Rear Targets


A,B,C of Self Defense

A to the Face

B to the Base

C Leave the Place!


Simple Combinations


Eye Jab, Hammer Fist, Palm Heel to Face,


Then add some kicks and leave


Shin Kick, Heel Stomp or Knee to Base

Then use head strikes or get head control


Use Head Control whenever you get it

 Make Sure He Cannot Follow you.

Stomp on an ankle or knee after he goes down,


and then leave!

You do not want him to renew his attack.

The nature of the attack defines the response.    

Shorthand for this is Response = Threat. 

We ask that you treat attacks where the intent appears to be do serious harm to your person as lethal or near lethal attacks calling for an explosive response.   Use basic strikes and kicks to eliminate that threat,  This is not a contest, you need to survive and go home to the people who love you.

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A to the Face Pre-empt

A to Face Condition Red

Counter attacks or pre-emptive strikes that focus on the head, neck and throat have a high likelihood of stopping the attacker by depriving him of air, sight, consciousness, and even his will to continue the assault.

You have to have targets for your counter attack. Here is a more complete list of them:

Front Targets                 Rear Targets


A to Face also means facing the attacker as soon as possible  


If attacked from behind, turn, then strike his head and face or rake his eyes even under extremely dangerous conditions.



Boy gets off the line and counter attacks man.



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